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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 18, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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coach. >> talk about the impact chris andersen had today? >> gave us great manager. he did what he normally does, and he was covering a lot of ground at the rim, at the three-point line, and playing with great athleticism. that's why we value him so much. >> coach, from the miami herald news. do you feel lucky to be playing, the way the team has played, certainly not the way the team has played. do you feel fortunate to be on the title on thursday? >> i'm not sure what you mean by that, but absolutely. we feel very grateful. we have an opportunity to play for a title in a game seven. our guys aren't looking for games that are less meaningful. we're looking for games that are more meaningful, and there's nothing bigger than a game seven, but, look, to say that
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it's been all us, really is a discredit to the competition. we're facing an equal rival right now, and that's competition at its best. >> 103-100 in overtime. we head on to a game seven. i thought, bob, you made a great point when we were watching upstairs because he said lebron is going to get blamed one way or the other. it was clearly a reluctant jump shooter throughout the entire second half and was just trying to bull his way to the basket. you know, whatever he had in his heart, he was giving it all. you could say, well, style was not exactly -- if it was kobe bryant or somebody else, michael jordan, years gone by, they just pull up and stick a 15 foot jumper. he didn't want to take a jumper, but he found another way to win it. you have to give him credit for that. >> absolutely. the barometer that people place on a player like lebron is so high that it's easy to knit pick the things he doesn't do well
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because of the expectations we all have for him is so great because he has that type of talent, and people forget that he is playing against a great team, that when they get it in the locker room, the spurs, the first thing they ran on the board is lebron james. how do we stop lebron james? they're focussing all their energy on him. for him to come out and play the way he did when it mattered in the fourth quarter, and he did hit the big three. everybody will talk about the ray allen three. lebron hit a huge three. the other thing people don't talk about enough with a guy like lebron james is his defense. they switch to tony parker, and parker didn't get much going when james was guarding him. his defense is not talked about enough. you know, happy for the guy. the detractors were warming up in the fourth quarter ready to blame lebron if they didn't win. >> you look at his line. 32 points, 11 of 26 from the floor, ten rebounds, 11 assists, three steals. talk about doing it all, and it almost wasn't enough, nate.
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>> i agree. his defense won the game. he had a couple of good props, and also i think him shadowing parker. parker wasn't able to feed duncan like did he in the first half. i also think that duncan kind of ran out of gas. here's a guy that's 37 years old. he is in great shape, but he only got five points in the second half. they closed out on him, and then one other thing, role players don't play as well away from home when the game gets really tight, and i'm talking about green now. he had a couple of wide open threes that he missed. you know, when you get him away from home, the situation changes, but, again, lebron stepped it up when it was time. he didn't have confidence in the outside shot. >> he found a way to will them to victory when dwyane wade really was out of fwas. in fact, a lot of people were out of gas. >> i think dwyane wade was hurt.
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>> yeah, he clearly -- i'm not sure if his right knee or left knee, and who knows what he will be able to bring for game seven. you're talking about reserve players. one guy who is not afraid to shoot a jump shot is ray allen because he has made a career out of shooting jumpers, and here we have him on the drive and reverse layup. bob, what an asset to have when the -- was all goofed up. we had a lot of guys on top of each other, and, well, there's a rare jumper that actually was made. you know, you don't want anybody else shooting if you are miami with five points left except ray allen. >> ray allen will go down as one of the best shooters ever to play in the game, and not only that, he does it at these type of moments. you could take a player in the nba to take that shot right there, he is going to be in your top two or three, iffen the player. you would say i want a corner three on a broken play to tie the game. who are you going to take? >> you might take that guy right there? this is a lot of fun to watch.
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playing a basketball, to watch both teams, and nate makes a good point. this game hurts. these games hurt. >> if you lose them. >> if you lose them, and i'm talking about because it is iffing to game seven. it stings. it should. the spurs are a great team. this is two of the best teams in the league playing, and now to go to a game seven, if you are a fan of basketball, we're working for it. it's great. like you said, if you could pick a team to respond, it's the spurs. hands down. >> i mean, if you had to pick a team that's going to say, you know what, that's over with, now we have one more chance to win it, you pick the spurs. they've been through everything together. >> yeah. >> obviously a lot better. last game it was great. this game he was terrible. eight turnovers. i don't know -- >> i'm sure -- when toyota after the game returns, we'll try to make sense of the fact that bob was not named nba executive of the we're. a lot of guys were asking that when they surrounded him. first, dan asked me live in the
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newsroom on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> larry, thanks so much. great show tonight. great game. well, here are some of the stories we're working on for abc 7 news at 11:00. fast-moving grass fire has spread to a hotel in the north bay. we have a live report from the scene for you at 11:00. also a fire broke out tonight in a historic tender loin hotel. everyone is okay. it is unclear whether everyone will have a place to stay tonight. we'll have the latest there. the city of san jose is suing major league baseball. a huge move for not allowing the a's to move to the south bay. reaction tonight from fans and the team's owners. that's all coming up for you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, but larry, we'll be back in a moment with toy eight after the game. stay with us.
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>> parker finds -- he throws it down. miller took a shot. that's leonard with an emphatic dunk. >> kawhi leonard offering up the facial to mike miller. this is earlier in the game. this is, ouch, full frontal facial. everything. 22 points, 11 rebounds for kawhi. >> well, you mean dunking them like that? >> yeah. >> if a guy did that to me as far as hitting me in the face like that, i would have to do a little something. >> nothing illegal, of course, right? nothing like that. >> just a little touch him up a little bit. >> just a gentle i didn't appreciate that. >> get called for the foul. >> the question really is after you lose a game that you were up five with a 1:30 to go, a close-out fwam for the championship, gu to game seven, how do the spurs come back.
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snoo how do you get your guys into game seven? >> get them on a bus. we get off the bus and go on the court and we play. that's how we get ready. >> yeah. that is how you get ready. >> i don't know. i don't know if that answered the emotional side of the question, which i believe was really what the inquiry was about, but tony parker, you know what, he is going to bring it in game seven, and look at what he did in game six. 19 points. only six of 23 shooting, but he hits some big shots late. two steals. couldn't get loose when lebron was on him. i tell you what, he is a blur, as you well know, bob. well, we played, and we saw firsthand. he gets in the free-throw line. he gets to the paint. he hit that huge step back three, which is not -- he can make big shots in big moments. he made that big shot in game one. really almost to win the game for them. look at some of the shots he makes. he is a real difficult cover,
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and that's why you put lebron james on him. clearly lebron james is length and his quickness and size. he can bother people. it's great. >> let's go live to tony parker at the podium right now in miami. >> you guys have been so good over the years at closing out games when you are in positions like you were. how do you guys take it that you would let this one slip away? how do you recover in time for game seven? >> obviously it's a tough loss. you know, we had great opportunity to finish it, but, you know, that's basketball. now we can show what we're made of and we have a great opportunity. can't forget that we have another opportunity on thursday to try to win a championship. >> what can the warriors expect next year? we talk that when we come back.
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>> bob myers did a great job to
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draft those guys. so many people did something to contribute to make this happen. you p, you just fwot to give everybody a lot of credit. we're really happy. >> that was on may 2nd after the warriors had defeated denver in the first round of the playoffs. got to be nice hearing that public praise from your boss. apparently with a guy who is totally committed to winning. >> absolutely. i think it was the home that we just won the game. you know, for me it's a blessing, and i'm fortunate to work for a guy that says, look, i'll give you the resources and go put the best team on the floor. pleasure to work with a guy like that. our whole ownership group. look, he is a fun guy. great guy to be around. it's all about who you work with, so i'm lucky to be with a guy like him. >> totally into hoops. he did not have a vote in the executive of the year balloting because that is rather curious. astounding results because bob myers finished seventh. bob with the nuggets and took big money with toronto. i'll give it to r.g. with the
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spurs because they've done it for about 15 years there. come on. the rockets? the clippers? would you like to make a public statement about this atrocity that was committed? snoo their general manager gets the most satisfaction. r.c. buford and pat riley, i watch the game tonight thinking what -- how are they feeling? to see right there both good guys, great guys, well
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established. >> you're holding a predraft press conference tomorrow, and the draft is a week from thursday. it was a lucky sharks from last year that helped in the seventh pick and ended up being harrison barnes. i'm confused here because you don't have any draft picks. can i run the warriors' draft this year? are you offering me up an opportunity? what are you going to do? like watch a movie? >> if we don't obtain a pick, you can run it. you can watch -- if we get a pick, we got to push you out of the way a little bit. i'm sorry. >> you are working out some
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guys, but these guys are likely players who are going to be undrafted. they're not going to be picking in the first or second round. >> some of the guys might. the draft is unpredictable. you have to be ready if things come up to pounce. we have a little bit of money to buy a pick should we choose to do so, and i'm on the phone today. you're iffing to get people offering picks to you. you can't sit there in the room when you are offered a pick or a pick in the first or second round and say, well, you know, i didn't do my homework. we can't really talk about that deal. we've got a great staff of people. travis and kirk. we're ready to go should we get a pick. >> we don't have a pick. >> you work hand in hand with riley and getting andrew and a deal with milwaukey. you gave us a glimpse of the possibilities when he is healthy. i guess the question for all the warrior fans is what is your level of expectation on his ability to play a full 82 game schedule? >> well, look, i think coming
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off the injury last year we always knew there would be a lag time to get 100% healthy, and it took a year to get that planned, and then obviously we don't get to the second round of the playoffs with andrew bowingan, and to be honest he was probably 65%, 70%, and he was that good and effective. you see the highlights here. that's a great edge to have. you have to have that toughness, and he brought it, and he is the guy sitting next to me and can attest to having a tough big man. he was one of them. we have all expectation that is he will be healthy. we have no reason to believe he won't. he is working hard. he is motivated. it's no fun being hurt. i think the thing when we had our exit interviews which we do at the end of the year and we do with every player in the front office and you sit down, and andrew made a point to say, look, just so you know, i can give the team a lot more offensively than i did. i wasn't right confidence-wise, and i wasn't entirely healthy, and i thought that was an encouraging thing for him to
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say, to say, accident look, expect bet from me, expect more. he is the kind of guy you want on your team. a great asset for us. >> that's what warrior fans want to hear because bogan contributed this season, and nowhere near 100%. much more to talk about on toyota after the game. the heat win a thriller in overtime forcing game seven. we'll talk about free agency, complicated decision coming up involving jarrett jackson and charles landry, and those
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>> pull-up jumper. >> jarrett jack, a couple of big shots late to help the warriors beat the spurs in game four of the conference semis. we welcome you back to toyota after the game. here's where it gets interesting. jarrett jack and carl landry.
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landry can become a free agent. i would assume that you would want to keep both of them. am i correct there? >> sure. yeah, yeah. in an ideal world. >> here's where it gets complicated. jack made $5.4 million this season at the first guard off the bench. how concerned are you that he might get an offer as a starting point guard and get starting money elsewhere? >> well, look, larry, my job is to always be concerned. you are always concerned about losing any player as fwood as jarrett jack. the best thing i would say about both those players in jarrett jack and landry, i think they both enjoy playing for our team. i'm watching highlights here, and every time i see the fans -- the warrior fans, even though i know what to expect and i know how great they are, it just gets me excited, and it helps us secure players like this. when you look at a jarrett jack and carl landry and you hear the things they say about playing for our warriors team and playing for the fans in the area, it gives us a great chance to sign guys like that. we don't have to be in a
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position where they don't really want to come back and we have to offer them more money. we're in a gaet position where both those players are looking for fair deals, like anybody would. we're fair, and commensurate with what the market is. i think we have a good chance. >> he has $4 million in his pocket. you have to think about that. the team is going to get better. and he jarrett jack are friends. he was commenting on that. i think that they probably will get together and they want fair, fair value. there's no question about that. i think that they like who they're playing with. the whole team, the whole 12
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people get along well. that's a lot to be said when you are trying to think ahead as far financially, with somebody who wants you and you like being there. >> can you afford both of them? >> yeah. that's the great thing. like i mentioned about our ownership group, it's really when -- we have to go in further and probably keep both landry and jack, but it's possible, and we're going to look at what is the best team can we put out there? when i speak to our owner and ask him what do you want to do, he says what gives us the best chance to win? that's fantastic to hear a message like that, and he is right. i think if you sat down both of those players, they would both tell you in a genuine way, larry, that was the most enjoyable year of their career. say it, like i said, in a genuine way. you want players to feel that way about your organization. you really do. >> i want to mention one other thing. clay thompson is in china right now. the warriors playoff certainly helped their global appeal.
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we have video sent to us today from china. clay spending 11 days there. what's happening on this trip? >> you know, it's fantastic. we're actually heading over there to play, larry, in october against the lakers, and, you know, i don't know if you have been to china. >> no. >> basketball is huge over there. >> as we wrap it up here and look ahead to game seven, a lot of people are saying the spurs are done emotionally. they're spent. it's over. who wins game seven? >> i i'm thinking that i think it's going to be another close game. >> bob where? >> i don't know. i continue to guess. i always think it's hard to win on the road. i would say miami because
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they're at home, but i could be wrong. i'm wrong all the time. >> so am i. >> maybe that's why you were seventh in the executive -- >> exactly. there you go. >> it's great having you. we'll have game seven thursday. if i can't run your regular draft, can i just -- how about the d league? i want to trade somebody to the reno big leagues. >> they have a thing called fantasy basketball, and you can play with all your buddies. >> oh, that's so -- >> what about a mock draft? >> a mock draft. oh, you guys are great. we got to go. for bob myers, mate, larry, we'll see you thursday night for we'll see you thursday night for game seven. -- captions by vitac -- >> re bound bosh back out to allen. five seconds remaining.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night," presented by skype. tonight, channing tatum and jamie foxx. and now, starting forward, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, guys. thank you very much. welcome. thank you for watching our "game night" special. once again, i am jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you, thank you. this is guillermo. he plays guard -- security guard. tonight -- [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- you don't want to give him a big head. tonight we're focused on game six of the nba finals between the spurs and the heat from the american airlines arena in miami. you know, they call it the american airlines arena because they only have two tiny


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